Hello Xiong'An, another milestone of Hongfa Shipping



Recently, "Chipol Xiong'An", successfully handed over and put into operation, has become one of an indispensable members of Hongfa Shipping. It has further enhanced the status and services of Hongfa Shipping in the southern hemisphere's transportation market, also continuously improved the composition and configuration of transportation capacity.



"Chipol Xiong'An", formerly known as M.V KINGFISHER, is a 28,000 deadweight tonnage multi-purpose heavy crane built by China Huanghai Shipyard in 2012. Also it is one of the most common main vessels in current market segment. The model has the advantages of reasonable configuration, strong cargo suitability and low energy consumption which is more competitive under the implementation of IMO 2020 low-sulfur oil regulation. Hongfa Shipping stands out in the fierce market competition and has accumulated rich experience in operating this type of ship.


The first voyage of "Chipol Xiong'An" will happen in the route of Far East - South America and assume the transportation responsibility of our strategic customers such as Siemens, Vestas etc.

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