Congratulations on the 8th anniversary of HONGFA SHIPPING


HONGFA SHIPPING was established in Shanghai Yangshan Bonded Port Area on October 18th , 2011.

Its predecessor was the Shipping Department of CP INT’L SHIP MANAGEMENT & BROKER CO.,LTD  and Jinqiao Shipping CO., LTD., during which it experienced two times of integration&separation, and gradually developed into the well-known“HONGFA SHIPPING” today with advanced shipping concepts, keen market insight plus flexible operation mode. Nowadays, HONGFA SHIPPING has quietly become a representative carrier covering the entire Southern Hemisphere routes and major project transportation field.

The burgeon and prosper of HONGFA SHIPPING attributes to the unremitting pursuit of innovation, advanced system and staff training. We rely on the strategies, advocate the notion of "sharing" , seize opportunities and constantly expand the "business circle". HONGFA SHIPPING has stood out with the creativity, adaptability and its willpower after 8 years of tempering.

Time flies just like flash. We’ve gone through 8 years of intensive work, 8 years of forging ahead, 8 years of award-winning. HONGFA SHIPPING will never stop creating unlimited value of shipping in the future. And we’ll  exert our energies to create value to our shareholders and employees.

Best Wishes to you, HONGFA!

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Tel:0086-21-66293121 / 36530808

Add:No.39 Lane 118 Yong He Road, Shanghai, China Zip:200072