HONGFA: Reception Party at Port Zarate




Recently, HONGFA SHIPPING successfully held a reception party during the berthing of "M.S. YUPENG" at Port Zarate, Argentina. Nearly 60 customers & partners from Argentina and Uruguay came to visit and learn more about our services and ship advantages. They were full of curiosity to the training cargo ship which won the “Significant Ships 2016” from the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. The reception enjoyed a warm atmosphere. And the brand effect of HONGFA SHIPPING constantly enlarging in South America. 


These 3 countries on the East Coast of South America including Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina are one of the 3 major regional markets of HONGFA SHIPPING in the world, also the basic market for HONGFA’s initial growth with an annual freight volume if more than one million billable tons.

In the current context of increasing downward pressure on the global economy and turbulence in South America, HONGFA SHIPPING has steadily maintained its monthly liner shipping services, firmly controlled the market share, intensively cultivated and continuously built a solid marketing foundation. 

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